Do under 50’s need a funeral plan?

There has been an increasing rise in the number of under 50’s that are seeing the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan. Historically funeral plans have been seen as an investment for those in their 50’s and in retirement but now more and more younger people are realising that a prepaid funeral plan is a wise investment to safeguard their family in the future.

In the same way that money placed in a trust fund grows over time, money that is invested in a funeral plan also grows to cover the rising costs of funerals. With yearly increases around 10% these plans offer an affordable way to plan for your funeral and remove the financial burden for loved ones. And with current funeral prices an average of £4136 in the UK it really does make sense to lock in the cost of your funeral today.


What are the advantages?

There are many reasons to pay for a prepaid funeral plan for those under 50 and some of the most common include: cost, convenience, flexibility and personalisation. By planning ahead you can not only save money but help relieve some of the stress at one of the most stressful and difficult times for family and loved ones.


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Help your loved ones avoid the financial burden of planning a funeral with our affordable plans

A prepaid funeral plan lets you set out the arrangements for your funeral and choose everything from the type of casket you would like to whether you want a burial or a cremation and where this should take place. From the type of service you want to the transporting of your body and family, all of these details can be worked out and plans put in place. This not only helps save you and your family money, but also helps remove some of the uncertainty and stress from having to arrange everything.

Flexibility is also another reason why funeral plans are growing in popularity for the under 50’s. With a huge range of payment options available to choose from and the option of spreading your costs, planning your funeral is now easier than ever before.

Convenience is one more factor in taking out a prepaid funeral plan. The convenience of arranging everything in advance means that you can make sure your wishes for your funeral are carried out and help remove the uncertainty from loved ones. A prepaid funeral plan can cover all the details from the engraving on your headstone if you opt for a burial to the type of casket you want.

All of the funeral plans that we offer are provided on a national basis so wherever you’re located the plan and costs will be the same.

On average the cost of a funeral rises 8% every year!

Finding the right plan

From choosing a plan straight from a funeral director to one from a dedicated provider there are a number of prepaid funeral plans available for those under the age of 50. Use our comparison service to find the perfect funeral plan and select from the different levels of cover to find a plan that meets your needs.