Save money with an over 50’s prepaid funeral plan

With the prospect of retirement looming on the horizon for many people over 50 planning their future starts to become even more important. As well as planning for your retirement it’s important to work out what will happen when you die. Planning for the inevitable may seem a bit morbid but deciding what you want can help to relieve the burden placed on loved ones when you are gone. A prepaid funeral plan could be the perfect solution that lets you pay for your funeral upfront and ensure your wishes are carried out.

If you’re over 50 and haven’t started planning for your funeral then the time really is now. With costs increasing by approximately 10% each year, starting a funeral plan now makes financial as well as practical sense. Lock in the price at today’s rates to save yourself and your family thousands of pounds.

Is it worth it?

One of the most common questions we get asked “Is it worth it?” and our answer is a resounding yes! With life expectancy a lot longer now than ever before gone are the days when 65 was considered old. The average life expectancy for a man is 79 years old and for a woman 83 years old so taking out a funeral plan in your 50’s makes absolute sense.


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Help your loved ones avoid the financial burden of planning a funeral with our affordable plans


There are many advantages to taking out a funeral plan but one of the most obvious is the flexibility to pay over a number of months. You are also free to choose whatever plan suits your needs from burial to cremation and basic to luxury coffins you can pick the plan that fits. Most plans are also easy to update and change meaning that should your wishes or circumstances change they can be updated.


On average the cost of a funeral rises 8% every year!

Over 50’s prepaid funeral plans

By choosing a prepaid funeral plan you can freeze the cost of your funeral and with funeral prices having doubled over the past decade to an average of £4136 it really does make sense to lock in the price now. Safeguard your family from the financial burden of a funeral with a prepaid funeral plan today.

Are there any medical requirements?

The advantage of most prepaid funeral plans for the over 50’s is that they do not require a medical to be carried out and there are no age restrictions. All plans are guaranteed to cover future funeral prices no matter how much they increase and they are quick and easy to setup. With a range of fixed monthly payment options available, prepaid funeral plans are a cost effective way to plan your funeral and take the financial worry away from your family.

Should I wait to take out a plan?

While it can be tempting to put off planning for the inevitable we’d recommend putting a funeral plan in place as soon as you can. The main reason for this is that funeral costs are rising by an average of around 10% each year meaning that if you put it off just 3 years the cost could have jumped from around £4136 to £5200. So the sooner you put your plan in place, the more money you could save.

Save your family from this financial burden with a prepaid funeral plan.