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It is an inevitable fact of life that at some time we will all die. And while a lot of people take the time to put a will in place, very few people plan for their funeral. This can end up leaving loved ones with the financial burden of paying for your funeral at an emotional and difficult time. Help protect your loved ones, and plan for your future, by comparing funeral plans today.

Funeral cover options

If you’re looking to plan for your future then a prepaid funeral plan is one of the best options available. There are many advantages of a prepaid funeral plan such as being able to pay for your funeral at today’s prices saving you around 10% each year. All plans are secured and the money that is paid into them is guaranteed to cover the costs of a funeral director and their services.

As well as being able to lock the price you pay for your funeral there are a range of flexible payment options available to make your funeral cover even more affordable. From flexible payment schemes, that let you spread the cost over many months and even years, to paying up front in one lump sum you can choose a variety of payment options based on your circumstances.




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Help your loved ones avoid the financial burden of planning a funeral with our affordable plans.

 Choosing your funeral cover

With so many different plans available on the market it has never been a better time to get funeral cover. Most plans can be tailored to your exact needs, while off the shelf options offer convenience and generally come at a lower fixed price. As with any type of financial cover you need to take the time to read each plan fully to understand what is covered.

Why purchase funeral cover?

There are many reasons to choose funeral cover but the two main reasons are: cost and funeral planning. Did you know that the average UK cost of a funeral is currently £4136 and that prices are rising by nearly 10% each year? This means that in just 10 years’ time the average funeral cost will have doubled to between £8200 and £8500. Could your loved ones afford to pay for your funeral? With funeral cover you can lock your funeral cost at todays’ prices and save thousands of pounds.

The second reason to choose funeral cover is to ensure that your funeral is carried out to your wishes. Whether you’d like a burial in a local cemetery or church or want to be cremated and your ashes scattered, with a funeral plan you can set out what happens to your body when you die. This will help remove the uncertainty for your relatives and make sure that your funeral is how you intend it to be.

Repayment from estate

People are often surprised by the cost of a funeral which is now set at £4136 and set to rise around 10% each year. While it is possible to claim back the costs of the funeral from the estate of the deceased this is conditional on there being enough money in the estate once all secured debts have been paid. If there is not enough money, then your family will need to cover the costs.

Save your family from this financial burden with a prepaid funeral plan.

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