Protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs

Planning for your death might seem a bit macabre but it is one of the most sensible things that you can do. While we all try to put aside some money for a rainy day to cover unexpected expenses such as a big car repair or boiler breakdown what about planning for life’s inevitable end, death. By planning ahead you can help to relieve the financial burden on your family by paying for your funeral in advance.

And with funeral costs currently standing at £4136 and increasing on average 8 – 10% each year you could save a lot of money by planning for your future today. Give yourself peace of mind and start your funeral planning by comparing funeral plans today.



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Help your loved ones avoid the financial burden of planning a funeral with an affordable prepaid funeral plan.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Freeze the costs of your funeral at today’s prices with a prepaid funeral plan which lets you start saving for the future now. It’s expected that by the year 2024 a basic funeral will cost between £7000 and £8000 so help your family avoid this inevitable price rise by locking in your funeral at today’s prices.
Another reason to choose a prepaid funeral plan is that you can set out the arrangements for your funeral including details such as whether you would like a burial or cremation, where you would like this carried out and any preferences for the service. The passing of a loved one is an emotional time so putting in place a funeral plan can help remove some of the uncertainty and distress at this difficult time.

On average the cost of a funeral rises 8% every year!

Funeral Services

There are many different types of funeral plans available to cover a wide range of funeral services that include everything from funeral director’s fees and coffins to cremation and interment fees and minister or officiant to perform the service.
All of the funeral plan providers that we use allow their plans to be tailored to suit your budget as well as your preferences, so whether you want to choose a place of burial or simply select the music to be played, a funeral plan gives you these options. All the money paid into your funeral plan is fully secured in a trust fund which means that the plan will cover the cost of the funeral whenever it should take place.

Typical funeral costs

The costs of arranging a funeral are on the rise and this will continue to be the case. Identified below are some of the typical costs associated with a funeral and the average UK costs for these things.
Funeral directors – The funeral director’s fees are generally the most expensive single element of a funeral and are around 69% of a cremation funeral and 53% of the cost of a burial. The average across England and Wales is currently around £2411.
Burial or cremation: Cremation is currently the most popular option for funerals and accounts for around 75% of all funerals in the UK. Burial takes up the remaining 25% and is particularly popular with families who already have loved ones buried in the local cemetery or church.
Doctor’s fee – If you’ve chosen cremation then you’ll need to pay a doctor’s fee to certify the death, this costs around £165.

The above fees are generally covered in most funeral plans but you do need to check what is and isn’t covered, generally speaking the more expensive the plan the better the cover.

There are some services that are not normally covered in funeral plans and these include:

Memorial headstone – £801
Catering – £397
Limousine – £235
Venue hire – £192
Flowers – £151
Funeral notice – £62
Obituary – £66
Order of service – £72

Save your family from this financial burden with a prepaid funeral plan