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What is a prepaid funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan is a way to fix the cost of a funeral at today’s prices And with costs rising by an average of 8% each year a prepaid funeral plan makes financial sense. A prepaid funeral plan also ensures that your funeral is carried out by a professional and qualified funeral director and aims to cover a range of associated costs.
There are several reasons for choosing a prepaid funeral plan to provide for the cost of your funeral when you are gone and these are:

Manageable costs

With the option of paying for your funeral plan with monthly instalments, planning for your future doesn’t have to break the bank. Most plans let you lock in the price that you pay so your monthly payments won’t rise even if the average cost of funerals does.

Rising prices

Over the past decade the average cost of a basic funeral has risen by nearly 100% and is expected to continue to rise at a rate of 8 – 10% each year. This is much more than inflation and a lot higher than current savings rates.


Funeral plans are incredibly practical as they let you set the price in advance for your funeral and protect loved ones from price increases. And because the money is held in a trust it is guaranteed to cover the cost of your funeral no matter what happens.


Based on the average cost of a traditional burial.(according to the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report 2016)

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Beat rising funeral costs and protect your loved ones from the financial worry of paying for a funeral when you use our services to compare prepaid funeral plans. And with the average funeral cost rising 8% a year, our selection of the best plans on the market will help you remove the financial stress and give your family peace of mind that your funeral costs are covered.



Guaranteed cover

Arranging a funeral is one of the most difficult and stressful life events and one that costs a lot more than people realise with the UK average funeral currently costing £4136. The funeral plans that we provide can help you spread the cost of your funeral and pay for this in advance to save your relatives from the financial worries when arranging your funeral.

Peace of mind

Our service helps you provide for your family at a difficult time and remove the financial stress of paying for your funeral. Pay in advance with a prepaid funeral plan and help take the weight of financial burden off your family’s shoulders.

Plan for your future with funeral insurance

Talking about death and funerals can seem morbid but the truth is that if you want to make sure you get what you want when you are gone then it’s important to discuss these things with your loved ones. Thinking about your funeral now and putting in place a funeral plan means you’ll be covered when the inevitable happens.
For those that don’t have immediate family then a funeral plan also helps to make sure that your funeral wishes are carried out.

The local authority has a duty to arrange a Public Health Funeral which could fall outside of what you want if you don’t have a funeral plan in place.
Funeral packages are ideal to help you plan and organise your funeral to remove the responsibility from your loved ones once you are gone. This provides peace of mind as well as financial security for relatives knowing that the costs of your funeral are covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?Answer

A funeral plan is a means by which people can protect their loved ones against rising funeral costs and help eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what a person’s preferred arrangements should include.

Why should I take out a funeral plan?Answer

Over the last 2 decades, funeral costs have risen far in excess of the annual rate of inflation. Taking out and paying for a Funeral Plan means that regardless of however long you live, or however much the funeral directors fees and services cost when you pass away, your loved ones won’t be required to pay anything towards them.

How does a Funeral Plan work?Answer

Funeral plans from all providers work on the same basis , in that the money a customer pays for their plan is invested in a ring-fenced trust fund. Through the investment of the trust fund, the monies grow in value over the course of the plan holder’s lifetime. Then, when the plan-holder passes away, monies (+RPI uplift) are released from the trust fund and paid to a local, reputable, potentially nominated, funeral director who then carries out the funeral in accordance with the instructions contained in the plan.

What happens when I die?Answer

When the time comes, your family will need to inform the funeral plan provider of the death and provide a death certificate. The funeral director will take care of all the other arrangements based on your wishes when you set up your plan originally.Customers can nominate any independent firm of funeral directors, within a 20 mile radius. However, if, when the Plan Holder passes away, their nominated, preferred, firm is, for any reason, unavailable or unwilling to undertake the service at that time, then it will instead be conducted by an alternative, local, reputable, firm.

Can I choose whether I have a cremation or burial?Answer

You can choose to have either cremation or burial. Please be aware that the cost of the burial plot is not covered by any of the funeral plan providers. You or your loved ones will need to arrange separately the cost for your burial plot with your local authority and headstone with a stone mason of your choice.

Can I purchase a funeral plan on someone else's behalf?Answer

You may take out a funeral plan for anyone providing they don’t already have an existing funeral plan and have their consent.